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If there is a sequel, and a big part of me sincerely hopes there will be, it will be added to my reading queue. If I had to score it on a five-point scale, I would give it 3. Jun 21, A Voracious Reader a. The government is very Big Brother and now the technology has advanced to a level of creating Revivants. Great for cheap labor, but not much else.

A bit slow going in spots and Joe is actually pretty unlikeable. Not in a villain kind of way, but in a what-a-fucking-loser kind of way. To take the blinders off about the government and do something. The story and our present are too similar. Except for the Revivants. Do we? Who knows? I love all the references to pop culture, many of which I actually understood.

Wait, does that make me old? Moving on. The writing is excellent and even though I kinda hated Joe, there are times when he steps up and I grudgingly start to like him. He's got a smart mouth and he can take a beating. Kinda like Harry Dresden in that respect. By the end I really do like him and I think his journey makes for a better character.

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The villains, and there are many but Ramirez is the most hated, are truly spine crawling. This future is about as far as one can get from that. Overall, an excellent read. Apr 22, Pete rated it it was amazing.

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This is a story of two distinct parts. It opens as a cyberpunk-styled romp through a future world where human society is being disrupted not by robots, but by Revivants nanotech driven zombies. Every page is littered with grin-worthy smug irreverence. The last quarter of the story focused on the final conflict between the bad guys and the Resistance. This did make the novel a little schizophrenic for this reader.

I preferred the cyber-punk stage, and the change of focus late in the story did shoehorn in a number of new characters which diluted the tension somewhat. But overall, this was a terrific read, unusual, tongue-in-cheek funny and hyper-paced. This review was originally written for "Books and Pals" book blog.

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The year is and the country has gone to hell. People are stuck in poverty, healthcare is failing badly, and a new company has created Revivants. Nanotechnology is created that will revive the dead to work as cheap labor further crumbling everything. Of course you have those that are filling to fight the government and run the risk of being turned into zombies. But this story is not about them. Joe Warren is an unemployed, selfish jerk that only cares about himself. He tries his hand at robbe The year is and the country has gone to hell.

He tries his hand at robbery and finds himself wrapped up with Special Agent Ramirez that forces Joe to infiltrate The Children of Liberty and help bring them down. But when he gets into The Children of Liberty he is surprised by how everything is working. Now he has to decide if he is going to help them rebel or if he is going to help Ramirez take them down.

This book feels rough and is a bit all over the place. You have a dystopian story that is a little slow to draw you in. Or at least it was for me and I think that is because Joe just irritated the heck out of me. Worthless, lazy, self-centered, argh!!! Then we go off as the fighting starts and Joes has to figure out which side he wants to be on.

Overall I really enjoyed this story. I did like seeing Joe extract his head from his butt and start looking for more than just himself. This is a wonderful story and one that I would recommend checking out. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book. May 18, Boundless Book Reviews rated it it was amazing Shelves: audiobook , beth-s-reviews , dystopian , science-fiction. Working Stiffs was well written and very imaginative.

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The premise of this story is one of a kind. Joe is a bit of an asshole in the beginning, but after a few chapters, I grew to love all the characters and how quickly I could relate to them. This story starts with a sarcastic, crude and, at times, vulgar man, doing nothing but whining and complaining, but I quickly began to feel for Joe and his girlfriend.

Once I gained a better understanding of the world they live in, the story increased speed Working Stiffs was well written and very imaginative. Once I gained a better understanding of the world they live in, the story increased speed, and it was hard to slow it down, which was awesome! Scott Bennett did an excellent job narrating. I love the way he expresses emotion perfectly with the story. My honest opinion on Working Stiffs is easily a 4. I loved it! Not Kindle Unlimited, got it through LibraryThing one of those we send you a copy free but would be nice if you got around to reviewing it, and usual spiel supposed to write about free will etcetera, as if all my opinions aren't totally mine which anyone that knows me or knows of me would back that up.

It should have been a 5 so changed it. A brilliantly written dystopian thriller, set in a future that, except for the presence of neo-zombie Revivants, bears a disturbing resemblance to America, today. Then again, many people do wonder through the workweek and their workplaces, as if in a zombie-like state The author definitely has "a way with words" and successfully weaves dry wit, sarcasm, black comedy and a never-ending stream of snide comments and wisecracks, into an immensely entertaining and engaging story.

Scott Bennett A brilliantly written dystopian thriller, set in a future that, except for the presence of neo-zombie Revivants, bears a disturbing resemblance to America, today. Scott Bennett was the absolute best choice, as narrator.

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He delivers The book held my attention the whole way through. I've enjoyed other books by Scott Bell, and I think this one may be one of my favorites by him. I listened to the narration by J. Scott Bennett, and enjoyed his narration immensely. He always brings a lot to the story and enables me to picture the story perfectly. Jun 03, Liz rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads. I got this in a first reads giveaway. I liked the book It is an interesting twist on the zombie genre and the dystopian aspect hits a little to close to home given the way the world seems to be going.

Good solid sci-fi. Jun 10, James Shrimpton rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this more than I expected. Picked it up for 99p via BookBub. It was a good read, with a more realistic dystopia than the usual mega-corp, and good characters. Worth a read. Mar 28, Monalisa Foster rated it it was amazing. A thoroughly fun read.

Sep 03, Norma rated it it was amazing Shelves: , audio , character-led , dystopia , reviewed , s-f , thriller. Joe Warren and his live-in girlfriend had queued so long at the hospital, they nearly missed the appointment to hear her test result for which she'd already waited for six months. It wasn't good.