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Many reasons exist not to read this book. It's a slog. You won't understand much of it unless you're a complete political junkie, and it's full of British terms that make no sense. But there are four reasons to read it: 1 It shows how skilled politicians work; 2 it shows what a lot of fruitcakes world leaders are Clinton and Yeltsin comparing foot size, Gadhafi painting his fingernails, etc. That's right, if you follow my advice, this book will likely get you laid. If you're more interested in Diana than sex—for many, a valid alternative—flip through pages — and — in a bookstore.

It's a long book. Order something sane, like Tennent's or Stella, not Guinness too Irish. When something confuses you—and it will—ask the nearest cute-looking British accent. Repeat until too drunk to read, then go home. At the moment, Brits are so relieved when they find an American who'll talk sensibly about politics that they're starting to find it sexy. Because of this, and because this book will take you a week of nights in the pub to read, my guess is you'll get lucky. One day in , Blair and his mates realized they were probably going to win the next election. Blair turned the "Bunsen-burner smile" on his friend Campbell and asked him to be press secretary for Labour.

When Labour won, Campbell found himself in a role more powerful than that of any American press secretary. Blair confided everything in him. Others, including Wesley Clark and Bill Clinton, also took him as confidant. At one point, Campbell found himself advising Clark on whether the U.

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Later, he was on the inside when Clark very quietly almost caused Armageddon over the Pristina airport. In Blair, Campbell found a reasonable, even moral man, a politician who knew which parts of socialism to keep and which to throw out technically Labour is a socialist party. Unlike in American politics, where yes-men rule, Blair surrounded himself with people who liked to tell him to fuck off. Blair slagged his people off, too. The diaries often read like a little platonic love tale set in the halls of power, where "fuck off" means "I love you.

Clinton snakes in and out, with his enormous feet, his hokey political wisdom, and his stupendous ability to wreck any timetable. At one point, he simply wanders off, with full Hollywood entourage, to go to McDonald's.

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Bill is Alastair's idol. But the idol falls after Blair decides ground troops are needed in Bosnia. The decision is a moral one, made after Blair visits a refugee camp, but Clinton goes ballistic, assuming the stance is a sly attack on him. Campbell comes away shaken.

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About a young monk on the rise to be the next great spiritual leader. He has peace, status, safety and respect. He throws it all away to experience poverty, wealth, sex, travel and excess. An amazingly poetic book about a growing your soul through life experience and shrugging off the expectations of others. Biographies are always inspiring. Every time I read one I end up referencing the subject in conversations for the next six months. Pablo Picasso was a brilliant artist that helped define modern art, as well as a manly man and badass seducer. If you want to succeed at something, be like this guy.

Definitely not classic literature by any stretch of the imagination. Basically a long series of lay reports by a complete douchebag. But funny as a bag a stinky fuck. A story about a man obsessed with killing a giant whale.

Also a look into the life of men on a boat at the turn of the century. Very poetic, brave, beautiful. Read it. Whales are cool. I leant this to a friend of mine. A brutal orgy of war, rape and treachery described in poetic glory. It makes violence seem beautiful.

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This book won a Pulitzer. Pretty good for a story that describes killing babies and man rape as normal behavior given the circumstance. Follows several characters involved in the life of Anna Karenina. Tolstoy has an uncanny ability to describe the inner dialogue of men and women. You really get a look at how bullshit social conditioning is. The guy is an amazing writer. Look, Hemingway is the man, alright. Not only can he write a mean metaphor, the guy banged loads of beautiful women and understands their minds. Hemingway was obsessed with romance, combat, and women.

I like him. A man wakes up in a city built on a giant bridge. A barbarian storms a castle to kill a Wizard. A man laments the loss of his girlfriend.

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A fantastic sci-fi novel for all you geeks. It has romance and drama and war and nerd tech.

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  7. It will definitely inspire you to live your short life to the fullest.