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The "Salmon in the Classroom" project is sponsored by the Michigan Department of natural resources and made possible at Fulton Schools through a grant from the Gratiot County Community Foundation. Winsor has been a participating teacher for ten 10 years, and Fulton Schools has been a participating district for six 6 years. Over the course of the project, it has evolved into a cross-curricular activity that integrates science, social studies, math and language arts.

Fulton has been lucky enough to work with a number of biologists and engineers at the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality DEQ through this project as well. Students see real-world examples of science careers and get first-hand experiences into those careers through "Salmon in the Classroom. Students start the project by watching the following flipped lesson. This flipped lesson introduces the facets of "Salmon in the Classroom" and the reasons that Salmon have become an important introduced species into the Great Lakes ecosystem.

Salmon in the Classroom Introduction Lesson Notes. Though we are not raising Sockeyes, much of the sockeye life cycle is similar, and students are able to draw knowledge from the video presentation. Below is a link to the worksheet that students complete while watching "Salmon: Running the Gauntlet. Measuring Mortality Though we strive to keep every egg and fish alive until we release them, this is never the case. Tried and Tested Strategies Series.

This book shows how different types of special educational needs SEN can impact on a child's learning and what practitioners can do to help.

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The book includes: 1 Photocopiable record sheets; 2 Helpful explanations of responsibilities in relation to the Code of Practice and SENDA; and 3 Short case studies that illustrate how strategies work…. Supporting Inclusive Practice. Written to support all teaching and learning staff in developing good inclusive practice, this book provides knowledge and understanding about a range of inclusion issues, such as what an inclusive school might look like and practical guidance on supporting the development of such a school.

It also explores issues surrounding: 1 Ethnicity; 2 …. Since Since last 5 years.

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Since last 10 years. Since last 20 years.

Teaching Methods. Case Studies. Student Behavior. Student Evaluation. Behavior Problems. Classroom Techniques. Curriculum Development. Multiple Intelligences. Student Needs. Teacher Role. Academically Gifted. Behavior Modification.

Educational Strategies. Elementary Secondary Education.

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Evaluation Methods. Interpersonal Communication. Learning Disabilities. Learning Problems. Learning Processes. Questioning Techniques.

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Gray , C Social stories and comic strip conversations with students with Asperger syndrome and high functioning autism , in Schopler , E , Mesibov , G and Kunce , L eds , Asperger syndrome or high functioning autism? New York : Plenum Press. Griffiths , M and Davis , C In fairness to children.

Gross , J Special educational needs in the primary school. Hayes , J Visual annual reviews: how to include pupils with learning difficulties in their educational reviews. Support for Learning , 19 : — London : Kogan Page. Howley M Structured teaching for pupils with autistic spectrum disorders: meaningful or meaningless? London : Jessica Kingsley. Howley , M and Preece , D Structured teaching for individuals with visual impairments. To that end, our current continuous achievement framework for advancement allows each child to progress in language arts and math at their appropriate instructional pace and depth, expanding and compacting the curriculum as appropriate.

Teachers and students need clarity on the critical learning targets to ensure that each student can move at their appropriate pace while ensuring that gaps in learning do not occur. Fulton began piloting a standards-based report card in 25 schools in The standards-based reporting did not fully transition to the implementation of standards-based grading in all schools for several reasons.


A primary reason is that the district did not spend the time vertically aligning prioritized standards and developing clear learning targets. How to best leverage technology to do this work. This tool is something that Learning Architects collaborated on, and from doing so, built the components of our competency-based framework.

Explore the many benefits of having a premium branded profile on Glassdoor, like increased influence and advanced analytics. Helpful 2. Seeing the difference we are making in the lives of so many children. Diversity of the entire community is amazing to see. It's really hard work, so if it's not your passion, might not suit you.

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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.