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Iwate, Miyagi inland earthquake Disaster relief operation for Niigata Chuetu earthquake Disaster relief operation for heavy rain in Kagoshima Disaster relief operation with water supply support in Kure and Edajima city in Hiroshima prefecture Disaster relief operation for eruption of Miyakejima volcano Disaster relief operation for maritime accident and oil spill by the Nakhodka Disaster relief operation for Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway Changing the status in the drop-down menu and saving the information causes the system to alert via e-mail and through electronic mapping means the members of the State Emergency Operations Center and the FDOT Aviation and Spaceports Office staff.

The distributed alerts include the type of the status change and the comments included in the field below.

The Shared Resources tab allows aviation facilities the capability to list any staff or resources equipment, materials, etc. Reconnaissance Element Pursuant to Section This element of disaster recovery enables FDOT to perform reconnaissance of transportation facilities in times of disaster or emergency, including the assessment of damage and the ability of these facilities to support recovery operations. Personnel will utilize their aviation expertise to assess the condition of impacted facilities, and their suitability to support disaster response and relief. You may contact the Airport Inspection and Safety Manager for additional information. SEADOG coordinates fast responses to specific operational needs, supplying teams of volunteer airport staff and necessary equipment needed to return an airport to operational status. This application receives a continuously updated download of airport status information directly from the Florida Aviation Database.

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