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The then arrest her, throw her in their cruiser, and take her down to the police station. Ranaenae then claims police brutality and is released, so as promote good relations with the public. Keep it Real unknown. Puffer : maaaaaaan im high Passer: wonder if god exsists Puffer: fuck god , keep it real, im high as shit.

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Vomit clock The Man Right Round Jayhawk Hockey Butt Pearling Broken Native October 6th ALC Because it's not always easy raising a girl in this fast-paced, plugged-in world. So let's get together!

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Learn more about me. The Badass Girl Manifesto To me being badass means being real.

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Embracing who you are wholeheartedly - imperfections and all. It's living with passion and intention, knowing your boundaries and trusting your gut. Being brave enough to be vulnerable and leaning into discomfort because that's the way to grow and move forward. Not sure where to start? Lots of good stuff here.

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