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Access provided by: anon Sign Out. Dancing Backwards in High Heels and Other Problems in Animation Abstract: This paper addresses the problems of maintaining syncronism in time and space of a pair of dancing human figures in closed ballroom hold, one of whom is shorter but wears high heels. The hold requires the maintenance of five areas of contact between the bodies.

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  6. A serious problem is 'rattling' from the difference in leg action between the partner moving forward and the partner moving backward. The movements have to be tightly controlled to avoid the 'stepping-on-partner's-toes' problem. The steps taken to try to solve this problem for two animated figures will be described, some animation solutions shown using the program LINTEL, and these compared with real dance demonstrations.

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    Dancing Backwards in High Heels: How Women Master the Art of Resilience

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    We have strengths and weaknesses. Through exercises of self-analysis, we can strengthen our resilience. Lists of questions help you, the reader, explore your life—your childhood, pain, tragedy, fear, dependence on others, independence, strengths, resourcefulness, goal-setting, personal power, taking credit, and commitment. Ideally we were raised as girls with protective factors such as personal aspects good health, flexibility, empathy, sense of humor, communication skills , family aspects positive closeness to parents, extended family, clear boundaries, structure and consistency , and community aspects positive school experiences, close relationships, supportive role models.

    Significant Quotes: [tweetthis]We are most successful in life when we can achieve a balance between self and other.

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    Learning safe behavior is a life-long process. They reveal the strategies, successful and otherwise, employed by the women in our family as they struggled with many of the same issues we face today.

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    We depend on these to tell us about being a woman: our role in society, our relationship, our sexuality.